The mabe group , based in Mexico , has a history of over 60 years.In 2013 , Mabe provided jobs for 27,000 people and since then became one of the largest employers of Mexico . At this time, it is mabe positioned in North America and South America as one of the largest manufacturers of appliances such as refrigerators, electric cookers and gas , washing machines ....In 1987 Mabe closed a strategic alliance with General Electric ( GE ) appliances that together they could take over all development and production of large appliances.
Since 2000 all mabe No Frost refrigerators as the type side by side and bottom freezers for European markets and the Middle East are produced in Mexico . In 2013 , GE Appliances decided to focus primarily on the US market with 110 volt devices . Mabe and GE appliances agreed that mabe products , which are marketed under license and iomabe GE label for Middle East and Europe , continue to be available and to be established .


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The new Global series is a basic range of quality and contains all the most important functions. The Global series is available with or without ice dispenser . Available in the basic version of American style and coated stainless steel or RAL

The K series is more luxurious and has more options than the Global series ; It includes LED lighting (inside ) , Ultraflow , and GE internal water filter Smartwater , among others. This series is identical to the previous series K GE ( General Electric). These models marketed for Mabe under license from GE . The K series has a wide range including basic models , stainless steel cladding for independent or integrated models , complete coating with RAL colors ( black , white and red ) integrated or standalone kit and a stainless integration ( like walls) . There is also a range with frame ( for inserting panels, black or white glass or mirror effect).

The V series is the most exclusive . It consists of several additional options for the series K. Other features include: the CustomCool , TurboCool and Precise Fill functions, freezer drawers are reinforced metal framework , etc. This series is similar to the previous V series of GE , but now produces Mabe . His iomabe range is licensed GE . The V series contains a range of exclusive Elegance steel cladding for independent or integrated fridges and integrated optional kit ( like walls) . The V Series is also available in all RAL colors and has the choice between 3 finishes .

The popular Bottom Freezer is identical to GE . The GFCE Mabe series is also manufactured with GE license, but under the brand iomabe . For now it is available in two finishes : full coating or stainless steel only with doors. Both models are designed to be integrated or separate .

The American style TopFreezer has a width of 76 cm and a capacity of 566 liters. The TopFreezer is available in two finishes: white or stainless steel doors. You can place the TopFreezer independently or integrated .